Unique Benefits of Modular Homes Perth

The climate-controlled facilities constructing modular homes Perth is its most outstanding feature. Weather is an important factor that often causes problems or delays in house-building.

Being not exposed to the weather also means that building modular homes will never use wet materials. It has been found that moulds in lumber are determined by ways of construction and methods of transporting and storing them.

The climate-controlled environment of modular home facilities does away with the mould problem. This kind of environment also quashes the possibility of building modular homes using lumber with mould.


Flexible design

The possibilities and options are in the hundreds when it comes to modular home construction. The chosen manufacturer will provide you a builder that will help you design the type of modular home that suits your lifestyle. The varied house plan options help you choose the particular style you want. This means a custom-built modular home that you can upgrade or modify based on state building codes. You get to choose the bath fixtures, elevations and floor plans, carpet, window style or siding, countertops, vinyl colours, and more. The endless possibilities of design, style, and materials all depend on your taste, preference, and budget.


Fast building time

A site-built home will take a long time to finish. A carefully-planned modular home can make you live in it after a few weeks. The home construction and site work are considerably reduced when the home is built in a climate-controlled environment. Construction financing that often delays site-built homes is eliminated with the upfront and one-time price tag. Additionally, the years of experience and highly-skilled work team works non-stop, 365 days a year within the factory. The no-show worker problems of site-built homes are avoided with modular home construction.


Higher quality building

The tools used in constructing modular homes are technologically advanced than those used by site builders. Building inside a factory allows manufacturers to use custom-manufactured tools that ensure plumb and square ceilings, walls, and floors. Additionally, all electrical outlet boxes are automatically insulated and braced with lag-bolted interior walls to exterior walls. The walls are strapped as well to brace them to the floor.


State-approved construction

The state where a modular home factory sets up business must first be reviewed and approved before they can start building. The code of the state must be followed by every style and design of modular homes constructed in the factory. A third-party licensed in-plant inspector also oversees the modular homes being constructed. A label placed on a finished modular home certifies that the building and materials used have conformed and complied with all the building codes imposed by the state.


Energy-efficient home

Modular homes have become energy-efficient with the updated construction and engineering techniques applied to it. This means that the home will be comfortable to live in all kinds of weather. The walls with their 2X6 framing allow additional insulation to be packed in, making it highly energy-efficient. Caulking problem areas in a home build is often overlooked by site builders.

This is unlikely to happen in modular home builds where the team of workers seals in all the problem areas to minimise air infiltration.


The usual problems site-built homes encounter are eliminated in modular home construction. Additionally, the hundreds of home design and style options provided allow the homeowner to have a home suited to their taste and preference. Australia Wide Transportables build modular homes in Perth. Give them a call to find out more about their services.