Brisbane branded marquees: Stylish event management

A successful event requires careful planning. You select a venue, make a program list and plan decorations. Whether you are hosting a corporate function, a fun festival or a wedding, consider a marquee to transform your event.

Brisbane branded marquees provide perfect solutions for all events.  Marquees are fabric covered structures with a metal frame. They provide shelter and protection from weather. Marquees are available in various designs and styles and customized according to the customer’s preferences. Several people want the marquee customized to match the events theme and branding.

Different uses of marquees

Marquees are versatile and used in various settings. They make the perfect backdrop for weddings and receptions creating romantic and intimate settings. They protect guests when the weather turns bad. A beautifully lit marquee creates a magical atmosphere and improve the aesthetic of the event.

Corporate functions and product launches are the perfect place to set up marquees branded with company logos and colors. Speak with the management to set a marquee with the brand’s theme and image.

 Marquees have a spacious area to hold festivals and concerts. It’s possible to hold sporting events and tournaments in marquees because they can be used as temporary stadiums and spectator areas These are customized for trade shows and exhibitions to showcase different products and services.

Marquees are used for birthday parties and celebrations to create a festive atmosphere. That’s not all though, they can be used as temporary storage and warehousing solutions to store equipment and supplies. Marquees are deployed as temporary shelters and medical facilities during emergencies.

These are just some of the situations marquees are used. They are versatile, durable and customizable making them ideal for different events.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing branded marquees

Before purchasing a marquee keep the following factors in mind.

  • Consider number of guests or people attending the event and make a plan about space needed for tables chairs and other equipment.  The marquee should have enough headroom and floor space to accommodate everyone comfortably.
  •  Purchase high-quality waterproof and UV-resistant marquees.  Frame material should be sturdy and made from aluminum, steel or Fiberglass.  Check the marquee for stitching, welding and overall construction quality to prevent problems during the event.
  •  Marquees can be customized. To imprint logos and banners consider the style and design of the marquee. Ask the vendor if they will customize the marquee to fit your specific requirements.
  • Research the manufacturers brand reputation and ask if they are willing to provide a warranty on the marquee. Ensure the vendor provides reliable sale support.
  •  Call a professional to assemble and disassemble the marquee. If you are setting it up on your own, read the instructions to assemble it quickly.
  • Check the marquee to see if it is weather-resistant with a strong anchoring system to ensure its reliability. Check the stakes, weights, and anchors before setting up the marquee.
  • If you plan to hold the event during evening, consider the lighting needs whether natural or artificial.

Purchase quality branded marquees to ensure your event’s success.