Tree Lopping Sutherland Shire

When you should consider lopping your trees

Though tree lopping is one method of pruning trees, there are two much divided opinions regarding tree lopping. While some say that it’s actually a beneficial process, there are few experts who aren’t in favour of it.

These experts consider tree lopping as being harmful to the tree in the long run. According to them this practice could actually cause more damage than necessary. Tree lopping could actually damage a tree in the long run. Removing all the foliage might allow the bacteria and fungi to grow into the tree. Sometimes the tree succumbs to the fungi and can die. Often tree lopping also causes branches to grow in a particular direction and the tree keeps requiring the lopping process every time.

There are alternatives to tree lopping as well. However, there are certain instances where tree lopping can actually be beneficial. Read on to see when tree lopping could actually be a better option.

When should you consider tree lopping as an option?

  • In case there has been a storm and a tree has become damaged due to being struck by lightening. In this case the damaged part of the tree is removed thereby allowing the other parts of the tree to service. The damaged foliage and branches are removed and this allows the new shoots to grow back faster and restore the tree to its formal glory.
  • Sometimes a tree is completely damaged as a result of thunder or hail. In this case tree loping is perhaps the only option. Because pruning such a tree would offer no advantage and it’s better to completely remove the tree from its roots.
  • Tree loping is also essential when parts or branches of a tree are damaged and could fall down and hurt someone or destroy the nearby building structures. This is a proper way of ensuring that there is least bit of damaged caused by the damaged or broken branches of the tree.
  • Tree loping is also a part of landscaping. The actual goal here is to make the tree look blended in with the existing landscape. This is mostly done when people are trying to give a facelift to their outdoor surroundings and landscaping becomes a necessity. The shape of the tree is modified through trimming and removing certain branches. When new branches in a tree appear those are trained to grow in the desired directions, normally with the help of wires. This allows the trees to look similar and in harmony with the landscape.

Hiring the right person for tree loping

Just like any other contractor you hire, the tree arborist you choose should come with a good recommendation. Make sure you hire someone who has a good reputation. Also it’s wise to get a quote from at least three different people. Choose someone who is within your budget and would be able to perform the service as skilfully as possible.

For more information on tree pruning and tree loping in Sutherland Shire make sure you visit a local company.