Plumber Gold Coast- busting home plumbing myths

Sometimes conventional wisdom handed down over decades can actually cause more problems than helping solve a small one. The same goes for conventional wisdom when applied to plumbing matters. The following are some myths busted by expert plumbers in Gold Coast.

Busting plumbing myths once and for all

• You may have heard that straining a juice of a lemon into the sink can have it smelling all fresh and clean? When life hands you lemon please don’t empty them down your drain. While it may temporarily freshen up the drain but in the long run it can actually corrode the drains. Instead of lemons make use of ice. This works like a rock tumbler, while it may be noisy it actually works.

• Cleaners can actually make your toilets smell fresh and lessen your chores. While it may be true for the time being but in the long run these cleaners can actually corrode the pipes and make matters worse. Instead make use of vinegar. Empty it down the tube and get rid of the smelly buildup faster. Also you can do this for a fraction of the cost.

• Buying cheaper products can help save money, the warranty means they can always be replaced. Now this is the biggest myth of all. If you end up with something broken don’t expect it to be replaced so easily. It’s always better to buy the best quality products so that they last for decades.

• Just because your drains aren’t clogging irrespective of what you throw into it, don’t be surprised if you end up with a blockade in the main pipe line. While you may not be able to see it but food like rice and pasta can easily stuck to the pipes and in the long run build up into organic matter which is the major reason for a blocked pipeline. Place mesh screens which catch the hair and also collect all the food before you wash the dishes to prevent blockade.

• Soap on the faucet is not a big deal. While soap can clean your hands if left to build up around the faucets can get them to corrode pretty quick. This is because the chemicals inside the soap react with the metal of the faucets and cause corrosion. Always make sure to wipe the fixture with water to prevent this from happening.

• You don’t need to maintain plumbing fixtures that often. Just because these fixtures appear solid and sturdy doesn’t mean you should spend anything on their maintenance. The right plumbing team can help maintain all the plumbing fixtures and prevent any major problems in the long run.

• You can hire just about any plumber and they can do the job for you. Now this is something which is a common misconception. You find a plumber on the Gold Coast who is an expert to ensure that everything works in proper manner. Small maintenance issues when dealt within time can prevent major problems.