Impact of building and pest inspections in the Gold Coast

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is your way to gain peace of mind. Purchasing a new home is a big and serious investment. It is also the smartest way to protect your hard-earned money is to ensure having the potential property inspected by qualified and licensed experts.

Building and Pest companies specialise in pre-inspections of all kinds of properties. A building and pest inspection provide a huge advantage to both buyers and sellers alike.

Advantages provided for sellers

  • Makes sellers fully aware of the full condition of the property
  • Allows sellers the chance to rectify any discovered problems
  • Allows sellers to get the maximum value for the property
  • A property in tip-top condition that does not give potential buyers room to lower the property’s real value

Nothing can be worse for a seller than having a buyer back out of the commitment because of an unfavourable report from a building and pest inspector. The only way sellers can avoid losing out a buyer is to get the property inspected before putting it on the market.


Advantages provided for buyers

  • Protect buyer’s investment with the well-informed decision from the provided information from a building and pest report
  • Negotiating leverage with the seller
  • Avoids nasty surprises with information about the strengths and defects of the potential property

A building and pest inspection is the smartest way to highlight the defects and strength of a potential property. Most buyers see the pre-purchase building and pest inspection an unnecessary expense. However, the advantages provided by an inspection report far outweigh the expense.


Areas covered by a building and pest inspection report


The prospective property’s condition is assessed and covered by a standard pre-purchase building inspection.


Standard pre-purchase building inspection

The standard pre-purchase building and pest assessment is not all-encompassing. Rather, standard building inspections is a visual investigation to see if the accessible parts of the property show any noticeable defects. For instance, an inspector will check out:

  • Floors and subfloors
  • Roof and roof void
  • Windows and doors
  • External and internal walls.

Inspecting these areas will make the inspector look for:

  • Evidence of rust
  • Water rot, damp or damage
  • Structural damage and/or cracks naked to the eye
  • Visual evidence of pests (should not be seen as a detailed pest inspection)
  • Uneven floors


Full-defect building inspection

A full-defect pre-purchase building inspection goes beyond the standard building pre-purchase inspection.

  • Precise, thorough, and detailed inspection
  • Between 50 to 60 full-defect building report
  • Use the latest technology to do a detailed inspection. Equipment includes:
  • Documenting of building’s faults using colour digital images
  • Thermal image cameras to detect electrical issues, energy waste, and unseen moisture. The presence of moulds, pest problems, condensation or humidity, and damp spots can also be detected with thermal imaging.
  • Moisture metres

The use of the latest technology used in the full-defect property inspections ensures thorough and precise information about the state of any potential property.


Money is not saved by skipping a building and pest inspection. You’re putting yourself at a big risk if you forego a professional inspection of a potential property. Book a building and pest inspection before purchasing a property that could be the biggest investment anyone can make in a lifetime.