Caravan Awning

An awning is an attachment to a caravan that adds living space to the side of the caravan for summer campers to have additional space in their camping caravans to rest and other camping facilitations and amenities like kitchens. There are different types of awnings to choose from with different styles and colours. Often, awnings look like tents, but they are not, many people think that there is no big deal in choosing an awning, but in the real sense, there are a lot of things to consider before obtaining an awning for your caravan. These factors may include but not limited to; styles, features that come with an awning and the shapes.


Why use awning?

Well, that is a question you should ask yourself before the next summer caravan holiday approaches. As for many of us, there are several reasons as to why we should consider obtaining an awning to carry along during the next caravan camping season. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Extra space in your caravan. Even if your caravan is large enough to accommodate everything for your camping season, it is not a bad idea to have an outdoor living experience where you can enjoy the cool freeze or sunshine at the comfort of nature. If your caravan is limited in space, you can count on an awning to add you some extra space for kitchen, rest areas, a place to cook and more.
  • Many people who own caravans love to use awnings to store their stuff, by doing so, they free up space inside of the caravan for other useful indoor activities. Awnings are useful space to leave wet boots, bikes, coats, and other stuff not fit to enter inside the caravan like fuel and more.
  • Awnings allow caravan campers to enjoy open-air from outside while still getting protection from the scorching heat from the sun and rain. Most awnings are used for the same purposes – protection from the weather elements like strong winds while still living outdoors.
  • Awnings come in different shapes and styles, which adds a bit of elegance and aesthetics to your camping experience.


Choose the right size

Choosing the right size of an awning is the most important decision to make if you want your caravan to serve you better. Before buying an awning, take measurements of your caravan because size needs not to be compromised or else the awns won’t serve the purpose. Make no mistake in terms of size and your experience in the wild will be unforgettable.

Another factor is the depth of the awning – the distance from the caravan to the outer wall of the awns. This is important because you will determine the amount of space you require for your camping. If you want a larger space, then increase the depth while for a small space, you reduce the depth of the awning. It depends on the amount of space you want and the availability of space for extension.


Types of awnings

There are different types of awnings for you to choose from, including some of the following;

  • Porch awnings: smallest models available
  • Canopy awnings: they can be temporary or permanent
  • Drive-way awnings: they look like big tents

Other considerations in an awning include whether you want them to have sleeping cabins, windows, groundsheets or removable panels, remember they are optional features you can choose for your awning.

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