Builders Hervey Bay- Building a minimalistic home

A minimalist home can look modern yet classy. It just doesn’t define a home which is plain or boring. In fact a minimalistic home design is much coveted by people who prefer simplicity and grace above all else. Such a home is free from intricacies but relies on clearly defined designs to look innovative.

Designing a minimalistic home requires special skills. You need to hire builders in Hervey Bay who specialize in designing such homes. The right builder would ensure that your home doesn’t look unwelcoming or dreary. Instead they would ensure that it looks welcoming and classy.

While building a minimalistic home, the builder would work along the following four principles of minimalism.

Make use of a material which stand out

Your builder would use a material which can have a major impact while not interfering with the design of the home. On its own it’s a feature which would be the focal point of the entire space. It could be anything which is textured. Maybe a metallic wall or a mixing and matching of stones and tiles. The entire room is kept comparatively neutral. The builder refrains from adding any other design feature except the one which they have used to create a certain texture.

Allow for an open space

Minimalistic designs are coordinated using large open spaces. The open floor plan allows for a great deal of space between different pieces of furniture. Walls are kept neutral and white is the principle color throughout the house. This feature makes the area look bigger then it is. The basic rule is to keep everything to a lesser extent while focusing on sharp clearly defined lines.


Use accents

While all the colors in a minimalistic home are neutral, the key is an accent color. This accent color can be used for furniture. Placing a single colored furniture piece in an otherwise neutral space can add attention and detailing to it. It could be a single show piece also. Anything which can bring attention to itself while keeping rest of the stuff neutral.

Keep things as simple as possible

The most basic rule of a minimalistic home is to keep it as simple a possible. No ostentation or elaborate designs are implemented rather when choosing the furniture care is taken that the dining chairs and tables are built of natural material and comprises of clean and classic lines.

The key is to focus on using quality material instead of quantity. A solid and well-designed sofa set can immediately add stately grandeur to the space and make it look classy.

There are also several other elements which the builder would incorporate as the house progresses along. The above mentioned are the only four basic principles. Once they have started with your home, builder in Hervey Bay would keep updating you regarding the process and any plan which they would add would be intimated to you.

To know more about designing a minimalist home, contact builders in Hervey Bay.